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What do you believe about God — really? 

We are not asking here what your parents taught. Nor are we asking what your friends or teachers think. We certainly aren’t asking what the masses believe. Rather, we want you to ponder: What do you believe? 

To paraphrase an author named A.W. Tozer, what you believe about God may be the most important thing about you.

Are there good reasons to believe? We think so.

In fact, we think that the facts and evidence concerning the resurrection of Christ point to one of the best-attested events in history — and that it helps prove that Jesus was who he claimed to be: God incarnate.

We created this site with plans, one day, to begin posting resources here that will encourage you to consider life’s biggest questions.

We are Tennent Media, a partnership between Christian Union and students at Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale. 


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